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In Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis), females paired to social mates that were similar to themselves at the MHC class IIB gene were more likely to seek extra-pair mates (Freeman-Gallant et al., 2003).Yet other studies have suggested that there can be an optimal level of diversity at the MHC.Understanding variation in reproductive success among individuals is a key objective of evolutionary ecology and the cornerstone of sexual selection.Sexual selection involves intra-sexual selection, such as male–male competition, and inter-sexual selection or mate choice (Andersson, 1994).The genes of the MHC encode proteins that are important in the immune response of vertebrates.MHC proteins (class I and II) work by binding fragments of foreign peptides and then presenting these peptides on the cell surface to T cells, which initiate an immune response (Janeway et al., 1999; Bernatchez and Landry, 2003).

Females mated non-randomly at the MHC, appearing to select mates that produced offspring with greater genetic diversity as measured by amino-acid divergence.Correspondence: Professor BD Neff, Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario, 1151 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7.E-mail: [email protected] 7 February 2008; Revised 14 April 2008; Accepted 18 April 2008; Published online .With the proliferation of molecular techniques, it is now possible to partition variation in reproductive success, and hence the outcome of sexual selection, to phenotypic and genotypic effects.For example, male–male competition may favour phenotypes that increase dominance or competitive ability such as large body size (Fleming and Gross, 1993) and weaponry like the antlers in male cervids (Clutton-Brock, 1982).

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