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In fact I remember reading in my World History textbook saying that the Italians committed atrocious war crimes such as bombing innocent towns, rounding up women and children and shooting them, plundering whole communities and enslaving the local inhabitants and raping the young girls and women, and even gassing up groups of Ethiopian civilians out of nowhere that were not involved in the rebellion. They are entirely fictional paintings drawn here in this time.

Guess it was better for both sides due to trade and the Germans would be slowly Romanized since the Romans had more technology and a superior Culture.Italian troops surrender to British men in Ethiopia 1941: Greeks surrender to Germans 1941: Italy defeated by spearwielding Ethiopians: the 20th Century the Italians have a mockible reputation comparable to that of the French post World War 1.Italians are believed to have lost every battles they fought against the Allies and the Italian Army was considered so poor in quality that most of the troops that fought during the Italian campaigns were stated to be professional German soldiers, not Italains.Most famously, Riga is home to the largest concentration of Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) architecture in the world.Riga has become an increasingly popular destination for Europeans drawn by its old town, its historical importance, and its reputation as having one of the most sparkling nightlife scenes in Europe.

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