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It didn’t come as a shock to me that when I lost nearly 100 pounds, the world and its relationship to me changed drastically.What threw me for a loop, however, was the fact that many of those changes were so deeply unsettling. Losing the weight that had plagued both my knees and my spirit for so long was an important accomplishment for me, something I’d been desperately longing for since I was a kid. Just shy of turning 31, standing at five foot four and an important half, I weighed 221 pounds.Some of my well-intentioned but tacky friends would say that I looked “a lot better.” My (always thin) mother told me she was proud of me; she had the same gleam in her eye that she had when I completed graduate school.As a fat person, I had been used to folks rushing ahead of me on the subway, not making eye contact at the store, or not smiling back when they passed me in the hallway of my apartment building. After a childhood of being bullied, and a young adulthood of being overlooked, when the world started behaving appropriately toward me (which occurred somewhere around when my weight reached the 130s), I was gobsmacked.My triglycerides were high at 208, and I suffered from myriad health issues—from depression and anxiety to fatigue and headaches.My doctor told me that I was headed down that well-traveled road to heart disease.

Since I went from a size 16 to a six, there have been times when I have caught myself irrationally questioning people’s motives, just waiting for the paper snakes to jump out of the can.In fact, the toughest part of it was, and remains, the cost, since—unlike the commodity crops that go into junk food, and are used in animal agribusiness—fruits and vegetables aren’t government subsidized.So I recognize that juice “fasting” is a pretty privileged way to consume food.After viewing the film later that night in our hotel room, and being emboldened by the ease and quick results of consuming nothing but vegetable and fruit juice, I looked at my partner Mariann, and said, “Oh hell, why not?”As soon as we arrived back home in New York City, we started our first of what would become regular 10-day juice fasts. By September 10, I was down 11 pounds, and I was sold.

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Though it was hard for me to admit at the time, his story resonated with me in profound ways.

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