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In an effort to stop the others finding out anything else about his past, he tries to help her on his own but as usual not everything goes to plan. Life is normal, until Rei suddenly is called home to his village in state of an emergency. Now, Kai and the others are left alone to deal with this. But the world is bound to change, and it is not for the better. Voltaire vows to reclaim Kai, will the dark pheonix be reborn? Kai takes a ‘Have You Ever’ survey online, and answers the questions with some help from Tala. Chapter XXXIII excerpt,'What had once been a vast echoing and aching hole, a vacuum that had torn at his soul greedily trying to devour it to fill that hollow space, was now something completely different.' *Completed*After five years Bryan, Tala and Kai are reunited with Rei when they find him in a club. Kai gets kidnaped by a crazy man who wants to bring back an old blading style that was banned. after several kidnap attemps of the neojin will he win? warning: languagerapeuber amouts of fluffyaoi Bryan's never met a videogame he couldn't beat. And where he faces feelings that are not suppose to be allowed in war but for some strange reason they happe Kai gets Rei pregnant and voltaire wants the kid as his new heir.I LOVE music, cant live without it cant live without my laptop either.

A girl from the past appears and asks Athos for help. Now living with Kai in Russia, he must face the consequences.

Rei is a hard-working college student with a part-time job and no sense of fashion. /Ty Ka/Rei has a fight with Kai and decides to go off on his own. Truth is a luxury Kai can only dream of in this web of lies.

However, when Kai comes to the other Bladebreakers with a proposal, will that all change? Kaix Rei, Bryanx Tala Look at Tala the next morning after he drinks vodka after a drinking fest with the Blitzkrieg boys! Humor, two-chaptered x D Rated T for people swearing and for Tala violently slamming doors in people's faces. The others are going out, so they can't take care of him. He meets a group of new kids and some horrifying events begin to unfold. Ray falls ill, and has to get his tonsils removed afterwards. After his surgery, hes in pain, and with the time in bed he discovers new feelings for his captian that he hadnt noticed before..are they returned? Now he has to deal with the two Blitz boys acting as matchmakers. CHAPTER 28 HAS FINALLY BEEN POSTED, It's the epilogue, the story is finished!

Now after a few months of peace things start going down hill with Bryan getting arrested and Rei in a Coma. A one-shot, full of humor x D Tala reads a story with weird characters we know..

BKTR Foursome CH11: Rei is awake Ch12: Bry is home Post S3, Guy manages to survive the destruction of Nottingham Castle only to find himself captured by slavers. Kai and Takao have been living in the dojo for a long time now, being in love with each other in secret.

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Well, i dont know if I'll ever get round to writing a story on here but we shall see.favorite animes and favorite characters: Beyblade: Ray/Rei and Kaifull metal alchemist (and brotherhood): Ed, Al, Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustangvampire knight: Yuuki, Kaname and Zeronaruto: Gaara, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Kankuro, deidara and Tobi(not Madara)axis powers hetalia: Italy, japan, england, russia DN Angel: Dark and Uizu(who doesnt love him)Deathnote: L and Ryuuk Spiral: Eyes Rutherford Hmmm, what to say... He soon realizes that the personal life of his captain is anything but perfect, but will he, or anyone else, live to tell the tale?

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