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Dexter is over and this is a finale that wouldn’t have happened without the influence of Breaking Bad.Since I haven’t talked about the Showtime favorite before, let me recap a bit.My sight cannot avoid the ascending pile of inside-out, and still-on-hangers, tossed about clothes on the extra bed.American Girl Doll accessory piles mock me on the floor, as do several books and stuffed animals that somehow found their way down from the paint-chipped, 46-year old built-ins.

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Have you, dear readers, yet discovered that I’m a recovering control freak? I threatened to take the devices away until she cleaned up her room.

My daughter’s bedroom is like a recovering alcoholic dating a man with a stocked cellar filled with award-winning bottles of wine collected from his travels across the globe; the sight of her piles gives me the shakes. ” “If you know, why don’t you do something about it? I threatened no TV until I could walk through her room without breaking a limb.

A week into winter break, she and I decided that in order to “win” an expensive item she wanted for her new doll, we would create a chart, with 99 (her number) stars that she’d have to earn the right to circle, one at a time, after achieving one of the listed chores: blaring through the i Pad (At some point, we parents give up on baking chocolate chip cookies, playing Crazy 8s, pulling out another puzzle, and let the i Pad lead the way. If I can’t get a vacuum in here, you’ll be breathing dust bunnies and swallowing hair, for God’s sake! Then I huffed and puffed my way out and stomped down the stairs muttering like a mad woman unable to find her way home.

I realize these are condemnable bad Mommy moments, but if Mommy’s not going to join the 8’s in “crazy,” sometimes–okay, a lot of times during a 28-day stint at home–a device just has to be okay.) as she lounged on her bed laughing like she was being tickled, and I maneuvered through the maze of her stuff to open the window shades, I lost it. Last night, as she blew her nose nursing a fresh cold next to her dad on the sofa watching something Disney Junior, I was upstairs on my yoga mat.

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