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The level of divergence is the highest of any genus of birds, being more typical of the divergence between genera or even families.

This raises the possibility that there are several cryptic species to be discovered.

The eyes are large, even larger than those of nightjars.

As in many species of nocturnal birds, they reflect the light of flashlights.

During the day they perch upright on tree stumps, camouflaged to look like part of the stump.

The single spotted egg is laid directly on the top of a stump.

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Their plumage is cryptic, helping them blend into the branches on which they spend their days. They range from Mexico to Argentina, with the greatest diversity occurring in the Amazon Basin, which holds five species.

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The bill, while large and broad, is also short, barely projecting past the face.

It is delicate, but has a unique "tooth" on the cutting edge of the upper mandible that may assist in foraging.

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