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July 25, - THE EYES OF ME (2009) The Eyes of Me follows four teens in the residential program at the Texas School for the Blind over the course of one school year, capturing their experiences with dating, academic responsibilities, fitting in, family problems, and preparing for life after high school.August 22, - BLINDSIGHT (2006) Blindsight relates how six Tibetan teenagers, all blind, reached the 23,000 summit of Mount Lhakpa Ri, practically next door to Everest, with their teacher, a blind educator and adventurer who established the first school for the blind in Tibet, and their guide, blind mountaineer and adventurer Eric Weihenmeyer. Thanks to moody Hurricane because she sends your prince to another world! Your life as a princess of fairytale land becomes extremely boring once you marry the prince that you literally live the life of a couch potato.APH sponsors National Instructional Partnership Events with experts in the field to initiate national, state, and regional training opportunities for parents, consumers, and personnel who serve children who are visually impaired.Karen Poppe, Tactile Graphics Project Leader, recently presented a session entitled “Sense-able Ways to Build Tactile Literacy Skills” (PPT) at the AER International Orientation and Mobility Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.(See Braille Blaster, Part 1; Braille Blaster, Part 3) Currently, APH is beta-testing Braille Blaster software, a revolutionary new tool for braille transcribers and others who need to produce high-quality braille material quickly and efficiently! (See Braille Blaster, Part 2; Braille Blaster, Part 3) The Visio Book Carry Bag, a handy, briefcase-style satchel with zipper pockets, makes it easier to take your Visio Book from class to class, from home to office, or wherever you use the versatile Visio Book Magnifier!

Restricting this to paid members prevents ballot stuffing.

Bear Hunt, an award-winning tactile book, is an exceptional vehicle for building a foundation for early literacy.

It provides the perfect recipe to stir up a desire to read in young emergent and early braille readers, as well as readers of all ages and visual abilities.

Match–It-Up Frames can be used by parents and teachers to custom-design activities addressing specific learning needs of students who are blind and visually impaired, as well as those with multiple disabilities.

Find out about Braille Blaster’s three on-screen views, the available style options, and the REAL Plan, of which Braille Blaster’s development is a part.

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