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How do you feel about your overall performance here? And speaking of last season, you had a bit of a roller coaster there.You had a very good beginning, but it didn’t continue like that all the way through.So here they are, Kaitlyn and Andrew, during a genuinely open conversation in Moscow, at the end of the free dance and ensuing press conference, throwing some light on last season – and mostly on the decisions that followed their 5th place at 2016 Worlds in Boston.But there’s more to this interview than a sum of radical changes made entering the season; there’s them happy, eyes glowing, looking ahead with confidence, thrill, anticipation; and their bronze medal at Rostelecom Cup seems to be just the beginning of an exciting journey upwards.Because they could see it in us, that we needed some other life.And we welcomed that opportunity and we’ve been so thankful for them to show us that.

And looking at them while performing their Michael Jackson short dance, but mostly their emotional free skate to Spanish music, you feel they’re on the right track these two.

We’re so proud that we put out all new elements, that’s something that’s big for us.

Because we’ve always pushed ourselves too soon in previous seasons, and we relied on old things to get us through – and we really want to step into the season with whole new transitions, and elements, and all that stuff, just so we could see what we are capable of.

Andrew: Yeah, we felt like we needed a change with our life.

And it was actually Pasquale’s and Angelika’s idea to bring on a different person.

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And feel challenged every day, but we also feel excited to go and meet those challenges.

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