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Auctiva Commerce does not permit the sale of replicas or imitations of designer goods, items without a celebrity endorsement that would normally require such an association, fake autographs, currency, stamps; other potentially unauthorized goods.Auctiva Commerce does not permit the sale of counterfeit currency and stamps as well as equipment designed to make these illegal products.Used clothing (except underwear) may be listed on Auctiva Commerce as long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.Listings that contain inappropriate descriptions will be ended.

Auctiva Commerce does not permit the sale of used cosmetics.

We encourage members to educate themselves on the laws governing the regulation of the sale of animals.

Artifacts, cave formations and grave-related items that are protected under federal laws, such as The Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988, and the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act and are not permitted on Auctiva Commerce.

Such 10-year old, expired debit/credit cards may be considered ’collectible’ and may have some collectible value.

Sellers should examine the terms and conditions on the card to ensure that the sale of the expired card is permitted.

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