Avoid the top 10 dating blunders dating guide

Having a dry, formal conversation with a woman on a date, as if you were talking to an uptight co-worker, is a major turn-off and is a sure way to come across as a boring guy, especially if the girl you are out on a date with is the type who likes and can appreciate sarcasm and dark humor (I consider those women to be the best type).

Make sure you don’t play safe and don’t “walk on eggshells” on your first date and that your conversation has a playful / teasing / sarcastic undertone throughout.

Below, is a list of ten typical first date mistakes that many guys make on which almost uniformly turn women off and sabotage men’s ability to develop and interesting, romantic interaction with women.

He is going to find out what you look like, so you might as well tell the truth in your profile. Men are guilty of the same thing, and I advise them the same way.2. I've seen too many women's profiles that look like romance novels.I'm really glad you had a great time on your vacation, but you don't need to post 10 photos of your trip to Italy WITHOUT you in them. Also, stop posting pictures of you skydiving, winter skiing, waterskiing, or doing anything else where we can't see what you look like in the picture.3. Take a look at and read an article in the sports section.All paragraphs are short so men can digest that information in short bursts. I've seen many women's profiles that say, "I want a man to be this," "I want a man to do that," "I want a man to cherish me," "I want a man to adore me"...In the absence of those cues, your date will turn into a stiff experience that neither you nor your date will want to repeat.Keeping your eyes on the walls / table the road while talking to your date is a sure way to turn her off.

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