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More opportunities to have that awkward, teeth-bumping first kiss. Keystroking your way through the virtual crowd, the chances of finding the right match often feels like a one-in-million shot. Facebook is as much of a dating site as it is a social network.

Some of your favorite social networks such as Facebook, My Space, and Digg to name a few are much different looking nowadays then they once were.

Not only is the pub being refurbished, the derelict manor house is being turned into a boutique hotel.

The fish and chip shop has already been modernised and is apparently doing good business.

There was this one night I was on MSN chatting away to a few girlfriends and I got this random message from Matt, however it was not Matt, it was one of his drunken friends who had decided to jump on to Matt's computer and annoy all his MSN contacts. We got chatting away, he was a pretty funny guy, and introduced himself as Sam.

I ended up adding him to Bebo and adding his MSN account to mine. I remember one night he asked to ring me but I was way too shy back then to talk on the phone.

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