Bible on christin dating and marriage

Whether we acknowledge the truth openly or just worry about it secretly, we all know that our actual marriages do not measure up to this ideal.But is an ideal necessarily what God expects of our marriages?

Unfortunately, many of us have formed our ideas about sex from the culture around us instead of from God's perspective.However, the results of successfully communicating our love are tender intimacy and a stronger marriage bond. Learning to Appreciate Our Spouse It is easy to focus on the aggravations, annoyances, and behaviors that frustrate or anger us in marriage.This can cause us to lose sight of the significant gifts of kindness and service our spouse gives us every day.The purpose of this study is to see ourselves as God sees us, and to understand his expectations of our time together as married believers. When Money Comes Between Us It is a well-known fact that opposites attract—and sometimes even marry! Avoid Miscommunication Part of our "Communication in Marriage" course, this study looks at marital conflicts. Why do so many arguments start over seemingly silly things?Most married couples, at one time or another, have disagreed about money issues, and these differing views create stress. How are we to live out our marriage vows in the midst of flawed communication efforts?

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This includes relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends.

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