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Potential employers and headhunters don’t have time to call in every applicant for an interview.So, they’ll start to do a little research online to help them find the most qualified ones.It also gives you a chance to highlight certain aspects of your personality.How you stand, your body language, and even the expression on your face all help to send subliminal messages to employers about the type of person you are.These days, more and more employees are looking at your Linked In profile to get a feel for how you represent yourself online.Of course, they’ll use Linked In to learn more about your work experience and employment history, your special skills, and your educational background.The last thing you want to do is muddle your personal branding during your job search.

Additionally, including a photograph on your Linked In profile helps you to build your personal brand, and may even help jog the memory of an employer that has met you before.Remember, the job search is no picnic for them, either. It says that you’re not serious about your job search.Now that you understand a bit more about why having a professional Linked In photo is so important, let’s move on to discussing how you can make your photo stand out. It looks like you’re trying to turn your Linked In profile into your online dating profile. Your Linked In profile photo shouldn’t be a full-body shot. But more importantly, your Linked In avatar will be small.While your friends may be able to help you to tweak your resume, find the perfect tie, or practice for that dream interview, don’t rely on them to take your professional Linked In photo.Keep in mind that nearly 120 candidates apply for a single position.

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Having a professional Linked In photo establishes your credibility immediately.

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