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Both White and Lane get Borat's comedic precedents all wrong. )In his second paragraph, White writes: "As Borat Sagdiyev, Cohen pretends to document the habits of fly-over America; his red state debauch ultimately pandering to Liberals’ worst instincts." He lumps together the "trio of middle-aged feminists" with "an etiquette club’s dinner party, a gang of ghetto rap boys, Pamela Anderson fans, any group that might be perceived as voting conservative." What makes White assume all these "groups" he's describing might be perceived as voting conservative? Southern aristocrats in a mansion on or near Secession Blvd. Does he honestly think the film has the same attitude toward them all? media-centers" and exploits cultural confusion to divisive ends; I think Borat's a social-liberal populist disguised behind a giant moustache, who shrewdly identifies with blacks and gays because he doesn't want to risk causing truly divisive offense.(White thinks the movie too afraid to poke fun at "N. ) There is none so provincial as a patronizing New Yorker who's spent too long in his solipsistic media-center bubble.I submit that would not have made for a funny scene, just an ugly one.

Imagine if these women had taken the bait and thrown a screaming fit.(And for some people, inexplicably, everything will always be about Madonna.)[Mild joke-spoilers ahead.]Both Lane and White insist that the "real people" Borat encounters are uniformly the "victims" of his humor.And yet, we probably ought to remember that all of them would have had to sign releases, or contracts, to appear in the film.Mostly because they think the movie is about something I woudn't think was funny, either, if I thought that's what the movie was about.To Lane, Sacha Baron Cohen is a guy who "adopts fictional personae and then marches briskly into the real world with a mission to embarrass its inhabitants." That may be "Punk'd" (or "Candid Camera") but that's the least of what's going on in "Borat," which presents these improvisations in a fictional narrative context that give them meaning (and, consequently, humor).

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Later, Borat misunderstands a Southern gentleman who says he's "retired." To Lane, these are just "retard jokes."As for the "Running of the Jew": What part of this requires explanation? He won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Screenwriters' Guild, and honorary degrees from the American Film Institute and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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