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Explain that you love him but that you don’t want to be in a relationship with him whilst he is using or selling drugs.

You don’t mention whether you live with Duncan but if you do - make sure that you have a safe and supportive place to stay before you have the conversation and arrange for someone to help you move out. Most drugs are a form of anaesthetic and it is quite possible that he is using the cannabis to block out the pain of his past.

In the past you have told him that you will end the relationship if he keeps using drugs – next time why not follow through on your threat?

I would recommend choosing a moment when he is as calm, rational and normal as possible.

I didn't even realise until he began to smoke very heavily that he had a problem and it started to affect our relationship. We have broken up numerous times over the last six years.

The most loving thing you could do is to let each other go, certainly until you are both in a more stable position to have a healthy relationship.

It affects my self-confidence, as when he's high, he's distant and not particularly loving.

I feel I don't get much emotional support from him and when we argue he simply escapes into a weed filled haze.

Why else would you still be with a man who is often moody, selfish, anti-social, un-supportive, and sometimes violent?

I believe that the only way that you are going to save yourself from this mess and have any chance of helping him is with a dose of “tough love”.

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