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To create passwords for users, you can use the Database security systems that depend on passwords require that passwords be kept secret at all times.Because passwords are vulnerable to theft and misuse, Oracle Database uses a password management policy.If the user does not change it by the end of that period, then Oracle Database expires the account.As a database administrator, you can manually set the password state to be expired, which sets the account status to day after the 90th day, that is, the 91st day, 100th day, or another day), he receives a warning message that his password will expire in 3 days.Authorization is described in Chapter 4, "Configuring Privilege and Role Authorization".See also "Guidelines for Securing Passwords" for advice on securing passwords.You can authenticate both database and nondatabase users for an Oracle database.For simplicity, the same authentication method is generally used for all database users, but Oracle Database allows a single database instance to use any or all methods.

Use the Release 2 (11.2), most of its default accounts are locked with the passwords expired.

Authentication means verifying the identity of someone (a user, device, or other entity) who wants to use data, resources, or applications.

Validating that identity establishes a trust relationship for further interactions.

The user must have changed the password the specified number of times, and the specified number of days must have passed since the previous password was last used.

For example, suppose that the profile of user A had You can specify a password lifetime, after which the password expires.

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Oracle Database requires special authentication procedures for database administrators, because they perform special database operations.

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