Carbon 14 dating denotes amount adult dating alt

More specific and etymologically correct than sentient.

Still less common than that term, but has been used by multiple writers..

We can not only communicate, Trade, and fight, but form joint business ventures, cheat each other at cards, and even fall in love.

Indeed, Aliens with Forehead Ridges raise a profound question in evolutionary biology.

Or what if a drop of water were trickling down the trunk of the tree?

Not only do Aliens with Forehead Ridges mostly look like Earth Humans, they tend to act like Earth Humans as well, or at least one particular (real or speculative) Earth Human culture.

Is it easy to tell a live seed from a dead seed, or either from a grain of sand?

For that matter, is it always easy to tell whether a man is merely unconscious or quite dead?

They have the same secondary sex traits - as species-specific as you can get.

Only their males have much facial hair, and their females often have bodacious figures. This leads to some speculation that they may be of Earth Human descent.

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