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"Theorists have great difficulty in constructing any self-consistent account of the conditions existing at the time of the hypothetical Big Bang.

Attempts at mathematical treatment usually lead to concentration of the entire mass of the universe at a point."`The central thesis of Big Bang cosmology,' says Joseph Silk, `is that about 20 billion years ago, any two points in the observable universe were arbitrarily close together.

Gamow dubbed it the "Big Bang." Campaigning for the idea enthusiastically, he was able to convince many other scientists.

Then, at some point immediately or thereafter (opinions vary), some of the hydrogen changed into helium. We are told that the gas spread outward throughout the universe for about ten billion years, and—contrary to the laws of physics—the hydrogen and helium gas gradually pushed itself into chunks.

Scientists are not sure why nothing should want to come together, much less what pushed it there (especially since everything else in the universe was already supposed to be empty).

But in some strange manner, unexplainable by the laws of physics, it did it anyway.

(Especially when we realize that it is impossible for nothing to get hot.

Yes, air gets hot, but air is matter, not an absence of it.) Where did this "superdense core" come from?

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With a name like that, many people thought this must be a great scientific truth of some kind.

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