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In a fitting juxtaposition, two of the most personal tributes came from femme fatal, Carmen Electra, and flamboyant comedian Margaret Cho.

Electra spoke first, appearing in a tight sexy outfit, highlighting her attributes.

Then Jett was presented a custom Gibson guitar, by radio veteran, Rodney Bingenheimer.

The slightly disheveled looking Los Angeles radio legend could be seen early in the day, pacing up and down Sunset Boulevard, in the front of the club, indistinguishable from several homeless panhandlers that he had engaged in conversation.

Three years ago, Slash also made a surprise appearance with the headline band, The Head Cat, after being honored at that year’s festival.

His clean crisp guitar work stood out against the backdrop of The Blackhearts’ more punk inspired distorted sound and the two elements blended perfectly to create a memorable jam finale.As reported by most reviewers this was supposedly the first honoree of the festival to actually play on opening night.This is not entirely true, however, as Ray Manzerek and Robbie Krieger, played last year after they were honored as members of The Doors.Happy music fans stumbled out into the streets of Sunset Boulevard shortly after midnight, to catch other bands playing the festival in nearby clubs.The festival features three days of music culminating in the giant street festival which shuts down one of the most musically historic blocks on the planet.

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