Charlyne yi and michael cera actually dating

“There’s always going to be people who are like, ‘Why didn’t they just make it all documentary?

’ That’s boring.”To friends and colleagues familiar with Ms.

As part of her participation in the project, she has a film crew follow her around throughout every new development in her love life -- which gets complicated when she starts dating fellow comedian Cera.

This portion of the film is all narrative, and was written into the script, but also as part of the documentary, Yi travels the country interviewing various people about their opinions and experiences with love, and these portions of the film are real -- the interviewees are not actors.

“She wasn’t like 99 percent of people who get into sketch comedy, who have watched every ‘Monty Python,’ every ‘Kids in the Hall,’ every ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ” Mr. “When you see her perform, you don’t want to give her any advice. Yi also caught the attention of the casting director Allison Jones, who helped her land a brief but memorable role in the Judd Apatow comedy “Knocked Up,” playing the lone woman in Seth Rogen’s crew of stoner buddies. Yi recalled, “I’m like: ‘Oh God, I’ve never been high. “I don’t drink,” she said, “so how am I going to meet people?

I’m going to go up to a drunk guy and be like, ‘Hey, let me take advantage of you’?

It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.She interviews happily married couples, celebrities, and divorce lawyers (among others) and tries to overcome her own pessimism about love.I spoke to Yi from the in Montreal earlier this week, and asked her about her views on love (then and now), her co-star Michael Cera, and how her film evolved from beginning to end. I found it strange that strangers would just open up to me with their love stories.Your little film is getting a lot of exposure lately... It seems to have started off as something and ended up as something completely different. The idea was kind of views of my own questioning of love personally -- not to doubt anyone else's love. That's the documentary end of it, but there's a story to it, too...It's pretty intense but it's awesome so many people want to hear about the movie. Obviously it's not a big summer blockbuster by Hollywood standards but you must be excited to see it compete in theaters... Capturing the true love stories [is] the documentary portion, but Nick wanted to see the film in my eyes because of my doubts. He wanted me to start dating on camera, but I wasn't comfortable with that. Most [thought] Ellen Page and Michael [were dating] for Ah...

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