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If people are asking if you’re feeling okay or tired and you’re breaking out, you might be having a girl.Some women are surprised to find a “dark line” appearing on their bump called the linea nigra.Cravings for salty, sour (like pretzels, french fries and chips) or even protein-rich foods means it might be a boy.

If your skin is silky smooth, you’re having a girl.

The gender reference is used only as a memory aid to help select the best bell pepper for each purpose either eating raw, seed collection, or for cooking.

There is a simple method for identifying which bell pepper has the traits you desire.

If your hair is dull, limp and hasn’t gotten any thicker, it’s a girl. The thicker and more body hair that you grow, you’re having a boy, if it has remained normal, you’re having a girl.

To perform the ring test you will need a strand of your own hair and a ring that you regularly wear (or you could use a needle).

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