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The central topic for #archlinux is support and general discussion about Arch Linux.For a list of rules refer to the Code of conduct and Code of conduct#IRC.To get connected just enter a nickname and the channel of "wikinews" or click here.For more information on IRC, see meta: IRC, and Wikipedia's article on IRC.This mod provides a two-way communication between the in-game chat, and an arbitrary IRC channel.This is done by connecting a bot to the channel, that acts as a "proxy" for messages.

Licenses for modules/libraries used are on their respective LICENSE files.You will need to first register your nickname with Free Node, using the nickname setup instructions. Portuguese speakers can use the #python-pt channel.Spanish speakers can use the #pyar channel, from the Python Argentina user group. Finnish speakers can join the #channel on a different network, *IRCnet*. #python-dev is for CPython developers, where they can coordinate their work or discuss problems. Bots post updates to the channel based on activity in the CPython source tree and bug tracker. #python-infra is for Python infrastructure discussion.

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