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I wouldn't say I'm shy, but I come across as strong and silent.

I am just looking for that someone that will support me through everything that I do.

I am not the greatest when it comes to women, so I guess I have to start somewhere.

And hoping someone out there is willing to take a chance. INGREDIENTS: 1 ½ (sliced)(melted)(with skin on), salt and pepper.

And that I can be there for them when then need it as well.

I am trying to cut back on a lot of the activities that I do, so that I can find someone and hopefully start some sort of relationship.

I guess I should say a little about myself (though talking about myself is not my favorite activity). I can play sax (on the beach) and I have a golden throat(singer).

But owners here have much better control over their dogs and apologized profusely when anything happened. Nude teens looking for fun in detroit area Help This Nice Guy Find Someone Thank you for taking the time to read my ad. I am 29 year old, about 6'2, short brown hair, and green eyes.

The key to this is you have to have a good enough re that you can have your dog leashed within seconds if an off-leash patrol officer comes around to ticket you. I am looking for someone who is honest, caring, sweet, funny, outgoing, happy go lucky, just loves life.

I am a DIE HARD Blackhawks, Cubs, and the New York Giants (I's near treasonous to say that).

I am always open to trying new and different things.

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I'm guessing the ridge-back breed recognizes something feral in the cattle dog breed and it triggers a deep-seeded *attack destroy* thing in the breed. But I completely understand as all the owners did, all times, was yell "Stop that! " as my dog was running around me trying to get away.

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  1. Every time you check your email, are you hoping for a message from that guy you met online? When you just completely fall into a quality and effortless relationship with someone, it will feel weird when people ask you, "So, how'd you meet?

  2. “The researchers realize that their results can be depressing, but they also agree with the many readers who caution against reading too much into the preferences of online daters and speed daters. I married a black man, who I am now (17 years later) divorcing, but the point is that I think the world is FULL of potential, why limit yourself?