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### Wal-Mart, last Friday Irene was checked up some fashion articles and her friends did the same. Delmy lift up an eyebrow “Yeah, if those were jeans” “No way, white ones with a red blouse, and black Mary Janes would be great” Ab said, with a few articles in her hands. It was a girl who crashed her, with a few things in her little hands. There are a lot of shopping bags she brought; about 3, and there was a gorgeous older boy stood behind her, with some shopping bags in his hands. ” Just like got boosted up, James’ voice become clearer “Oh, hi Irene! I LOVE the baseball cap boy he looks very str8 & hot. His dick is smaller than the other guy but i will still Keep him. When they skin touched, the feeling of it was so hard to explain. As soon as she got up, that boy was smiled, a cute smile. ” Both Delmy and Ab, got their jaw dropped to the ground as those words came out of Irene’s lips. Irene turned; saw Ab winked at her before they left James, Irene, and her shopping bags at Mall’s Food Court’s Taco Bell to the makeup section. She wanted to call my other sister, Kayla, who is older than her, to go shopping with her. We’ll watch movie tonight, it’s Friday, let you hair down” He chuckled, step on the brake as his car’s move to the red traffic light, and bend aside to kiss her cheek. So unexpected, that gorgeous boy gave her a hand to help her up. When Delmy was going to talk, Irene said to James, “How about some taco at Taco Bell? “Alana found out herself got puberty last week, and she was so excited. Many other dating sites charge for their services and we think that a true love should be 100% free.

“And the fact is I never love you” Alex’s eyes get widened. ” “We better just become friends” Irene said; move to let off Alex’s arm, and walks away. It’s not an odd thing when a guy gets so sleepy at 9 PM, right? If you treat her right and be there for her she will do the same. She can change your world into happiest and ever lasting memories.She can also be shy and quiet at first but once you meet her she can be really funny and chill. All the boys like her for her kindness and the type a girl she is. “Some sparkles you can add on your head” Ab mocked. Meanwhile Irene’s eyes widened, but her friends gave her a teasing look.

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