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If I followed thru and made my “Dustin” fantasy a reality, it would be the first time I had sex with what could indeed be considered a stranger.That night in bed Dave sucked and licked my thick dark nipples, kissed me and slowly finger fucked me while I held my vibrator against my clit and fantasized aloud what I was going to do to Dustin and what I wanted him to do to me.At first, I was more than just a bit reluctant to fulfill that fantasy, but as time passed, the thought of having another man’s cock in me became more appealing and I found myself enjoying Dave’s fantasy of sharing me with other men.Now there have not been many, (not nearly enough according to Dave), and those lovers that I have taken were people that I came to know either professionally or were mutual friends of ours.I had to relieve the sexual tension I now felt between my legs. I removed my slacks, slid my panties down and reclined on my back on the bed.

Remembering my initial comments regarding my fantasy to seduce him, Dave got that knowing little grin on his face and said “well, did you give him an opportunity to experience my MILF?However, you could sense the sexual tension in the air as I disappeared to the bathroom and bedroom to prepare myself. Knowing where he was going this time, he passed by me and I closed the door behind him, locking it and pulling the drapes closed.Dave disappeared to the garage and I knew he was waiting there until the appropriate time. As he disappeared from the driveway pushing his lift truck toward the walkway leading to the lower level, I tried to calm myself by taking several deep breaths. Hearing the drapes sliding shut, he paused and looked over his shoulder at me.Curious as to whether it was the same guy, I proceeded to open the lower level sliding doors to allow him access to the room housing the treatment equipment. This time I paid a little closer attention to his appearance.He was tall, lanky, maybe 6′2″, clean and well groomed with a real boyish look.

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