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If she smiles, blushes or giggles, then it’s time to prolong your skin contact.Maybe a hand on hers at the dinner table or a steady arm when walking her to the car will be a comfortable next step toward sealing the smooch.See if she is anxious to continue the date with you.Does she suggest the idea of coffee or a cocktail to extend the evening or is she looking for an opportunity to ditch you?Asking for Action A completely personal preference for women is whether they expect to be asked for permission to be kissed.To be on the safe side, you may be better off asking if you aren’t sure.

If properly executed, courtship would greatly reduce the chances of divorce occurring in a marriage.

You must only go into courtship with someone God has approved for you for a life partner.3.

You are in courtship to confirm that God has really ordained you getting married to this fellow.

Christian courtship is different from any other kind of courtship, and if properly executed, would take care of over 75 per cent of the causes of divorce.

This therefore makes a good courtship important to the survival of any christian marriage.

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If she seems a little put off—delivers the dreadful double pat on the back or the famed rigid arm hug—then you have a little more work to do in loosening her up and heading toward romance.

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