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If you have 225 Relationship EXP or less with them, you will get 1 Heart and the "okay" ending.If you have more than 225 but less than 450 Relationship EXP with them, you will get 2 Hearts and the "good" ending.Choose the only android that is not sold out, AI Series 02: Oz. The cheat code screwtherulesihavemoney can also be used to unlock Oz.

Using the cheat code donottrytrainjumpingathome can also be used to unlock Emmett.Wonderland Days Sim Date is a simulated dating game that is based upon the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. made this game: - Max EXP for Lance Music: Amrita by Yui Makino As Alice you mysteriously fall inside a hole and you are transported into the fantasy world of Wonderland.You are then told that you have 30 days until the hole is reopened.During those 30 days you can explore the world of Wonderland and talk to the many interesting characters that inhabit this fantasy world.

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All the endings are scored with a meter of 3 Hearts after you confirm wanting to end with the character.

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