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I perhaps wrote more than you need, so please keep what fits. Compare and contrast relative age dating with radiometric age dating. Relative dating will not tell us how long ago a particular event occurred; only that one event preceded the other (disadvantage).Four principles of relative dating are of importance for this question: 1.Monday, 12 December Radiometric Dating versus Relative Dating.In palaeontology and archaeology, it becomes necessary to determine the Scientists can use decay rates to, very roughly, determine the age of a fossil or artifact.Principle of superposition: Nicolas Steno realized that correct relative ages of horizontal (undeformed) strata could be determined by their position in a sequence of rock. Principle of cross-cutting Relationship: holds that an igneous intrusion or a fault must be younger than the rocks it intrudes or displaces.This principle is very important in relative dating of geologic events and interpreting Earth history. Principle of lateral continuity: states that sediment extends laterally in all directions until it thins and pinches out or terminates against the edge of the depositional basin. Principal of original horizontality: Steno reasoned that sediment is deposited in essentially horizontal layers (Wicander & Monroe, 1995).

Relative dating and radiometric dating are used to determine age of fossils and geologic features, but with different methods.Please see response attached (see Posting 107553.doc) (also below), including one supporting article. RESPONSE: I am wondering how well you understand these concepts, as it is very important to understand how relative age dating and radiometric age dating work, before you can compare and contrast the two types of dating.Let's take a closer look, which you then draw on for your final compare and contrast discussion. First, relative dating methods involve placing geological events in a sequential order as determined from their position in the rock record.Full Answer Relative dating observes the placement of fossils and rock in layers known as difference between relative and radiometric dating.Compare and contrast relative age dating with radiometric dating geology channel explores formation rocks gems, such as diamonds.

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Relative dating determines the period of time from which an object come from based on technology, soil, anthropology, etc.

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