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Try the meditation below the next time you are suffering from heartache. I can tell you right now it has to be one of the most painful experiences hiding something like that.But please keep in mind, this is only one tool in the vast set of tools for dealing with emotional pain. So once i finished uni, i spent the entire night locked in my room, making myself sick from crying and trying to call/text him about what was going on and the only answer he could give me was “that i just lost feelings…i dont love you anymore”.

I still havent come to terms with everything because he was someone that i trusted so much and i never expected for him to do anything like this too me.

Do you want help dealing with your heartache or emotional pain? Emotional pain is different from physical pain in another way. Each day should be a gift but I don't see it as such. I experienced my first break-up quite just under 12 months ago, and a mistake I made in the early weeks and months was to try to ‘pull myself together’ before I’d properly allowed myself to fall apart.

I can support and guide you in both learning how to tolerate your pain, but also in reducing it effectively. Were you able to feel emotional pain, but still go to the bathroom, walk and talk? It can be debilitating in that it can take away your desire to do things such as eat, walk, talk, function, but it does not prevent you from actually doing those things. Physical pain often needs outside intervention to make it go away. But if you do not feel, it can linger for a lifetime while you take many actions to avoid feeling it. each day is merely another day survived without him. They don't understand -and never will understand. Even as my boyfriend was breaking up with me, I was already picturing myself being back on track by Christmas.

I just don’t know how to just move on, and i know its time and small steps.

But its been a month and yea ive stopped crying and the pain has eased, but the longing for him hasn’t one bit. but i guess its true…love does make you go all stupid…

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