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Aside from the psychological and physical shock and trauma these characters go through, the movie's subplot, in which a woman is trying to end an extramarital affair before her husband finds out, might not be terribly interesting for those who want less of a slow buildup of tension and more dog attacks.

But what she loves most is overlooking the office’s business from the top of the stairs and she doesn’t miss a meeting.When in meetings she also takes the very important role of making sure no one dozes off- an unexpected lick of the leg can come at any time, so you must remain alert.” To add to her social repertoire, Cujo leads the ignites in a pack run each Tuesday, following which she guides the group to a resident pub for a much deserved refreshment.“As a company we recently took part in a 10km run to raise money for our charity partner.Cujo and the other dogs are effectively additional members of the team and it seems that Ignis’ gang wouldn’t be the same without a 1983 horror movie based on a Stephen King novel about a St.

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Most annoying habit: Going through office bins and bags on ‘Cujo level’ to take out anything of interest.

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