Dating a cheater

She had listed herself as “Single” and made no mention of any other lovers, but my intuition said it would be a good question to ask.I had already begun feeling some ambivalence because I was sensing her style of carrying a conversation wasn’t very engaging, which is an ability that I find necessary to feel invested.There is a lot of “wiggle room” after you break down the root words in polyamory.However, it seems clear to me that the majority of people who consider themselves polyamorous believe that loving honestly is indeed a necessary component of the poly lovestyle.By Mystic Life Most polyamorous people are drawn to this lovestyle because of their distaste for cheating.

I’d had a crush on her for many years, and was very excited about hooking up at the time.Whenever you cheat on someone you are covertly controlling their behavior.You are making the decision “for them” that they will continue to be your partner instead of letting them make a choice given the knowledge of your sexual relationship with someone else.She went on to rationalize that she wouldn’t want him to leave his wife for her, she liked things the way they were, they started their affair before she was poly, and that he and his wife hadn’t had sex for a long time.What made her choice to date a cheater somewhat unexpected was that she was one of those polys who states something to the effect of “No Poly Beginners! I falsely assumed this implied a strong commitment to honest non-monogamy.

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