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I also insured her that my views on her have not changed, that I love her for everything she is, and will not judge her. So that aspect of her past hasn't changed from what you already knew. Would your relationship with her (if it happened at all) be the same?

Just the fact that she feels comfortable enough with me to open up like that was amazing and I really appreciated it. If you feel abortion is wrong, then you may not be able to get over it - just like some posters have lost relationships because of admitting to past drug use - and differing views could be an issue. Would it be a problem in future when you want children? Would you prefer for the sake of your relationship with her thatshe had a child or that she got rid of it? I think just putting it out there and reading the feedback has helped.

The boxes of books I was holding nearly fell from my hands. “Come on, Ken,” she whispered, and looked the other way.

“Hey there,” I said, hoping she’d notice my cool indifference. * * * ince that day I have thought often about the child Sasha and I conceived.

I’d never aligned myself with any political bearing on the abortion debate, or any other issue really.

Before this I hadn’t ever considered what intense feelings such a scenario could broil inside me. But where first I felt the weight of conceiving another life, I now felt the weightlessness of Sasha’s choice: because she’d kept me in tow alongside her more serious relationship, this felt like her way of underscoring her intentions to never follow through with us. ’ I felt her discomfort at the bluntness of my questioning. What struck me hardest was that I cared so much about something I could not control.

She told me the other person was just a guy she had known for a awhile and they just hooked up when convenient so a real relationship was not going to form. Ask this one question though Would you be with her if she had of had that baby?

I told her that it's not in my place to say if what she did was right or wrong, but that I commended her for making a tough life decision like that. And this was not a serious enough relationship that she meant to get pregnant. Would she still be with the other guy because they tried to make it work?

Then I was the one who made her feel guilty after she slept with me enough times to negate the excuse of a one-night stand. ” I asked, growing annoyed that she was holding something back. “Just a doctor.” I clapped my hands free of dust, looked at Sasha and wondered if she and her boyfriend had had a falling out. Was this my chance to steal her, to remove the asterisk hanging over us?Just some words of encouragement or anyone that has advice from a similar situation would be nice. I also can't let insecurities dictate my feelings because they're just negative thoughts that don't affect reality.I Love her for who she is, and this is something in her life that has made her who she is today.We've known each other for a while, been in a relationship for a few months, and are in love.This woman was plucked straight from my dreams and into my life.

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