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The silent silhouette of the Mountain is a projection of the sacred. Reality is lost in the mists of the Mountain showing realms of dreams from beyond and beyond.Somewhere, behind the Mountain, dwell unknown legends, myths and rituals. Mountains have always evoked transcendental, mythical places in my imagination.There is a beautiful Romanian pastoral poem that synthesizes the cosmology of the local mountain people.In this legend, a shepherd confronted with his death expresses his last wishes in a moving monologue.

A lot of my free time revolved around hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains.The disappearance of my grandfather sanctified the environment, and ever since, I believe that by going up the mountain, I perform a ceremony dedicated to him.Having the freedom to explore with my grandfather as a companion had shaped my sense of wonder at the mountain landscape.I am one of those people in the young generation who had the chance to experience liberation.Until the falling of the communist boundaries, exploring the mountains of the world was just an impossible dream.

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The Revolution of 1989 marked my young spirit, causing my eyes to open wide at the world.

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