Dating carl zeiss microscopes

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It produced microscopes and the refractometer, an optical instrument to measure the index of refraction of optical glass, developed by Carl Zeiss' partner Ernst Abbe. After World War II, Jena being in the Eastern part of Germany, the company split in two.

After Carl Zeiss' death in 1888, Abbe founded the Zeiss Foundation and built up its photographic optics branch and reduced daily working time of the company's employees to 8 hours. That way Zeiss avoided too fast growth of its own production facilities. One part was recreated in West Germany and based in Oberkochen, and kept within the Zeiss Foundation.

Kyocera, which acquired Yashica, later partnered with Zeiss to introduce still other Zeiss T* lenses, including rangefinder and autofocus-mount models.

From 1973, Carl Zeiss made a range of lenses with a bayonet mount for Yashica and Contax 35mm SLR cameras, in partnership with Yashica Camera Co. The resulting Zeiss T* lenses were made both in Germany and under license in Japan, and developed a reputation for superb optical quality.September 17, 2012 Ulrich Simon, the head of the Microscopy business group at Carl Zeiss AG knew that his unit was facing a disruptive threat, so he chartered a special team to tackle the industrial segment.Given a high degree of autonomy, the project team developed an understanding of the marketplace challenge and proceeded to develop and execute on a new business plan.His later microscopes used a draw-tube coarse focus and a knob controlled fine focus.He further refined the instrument with the incorporation of a rack and pinion coarse focus and fine focus enabled by a graduated wheel.

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Carl Zeiss of Germany is among the most renowned of the lens manufacturers.

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