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Adjusting to the major change from best friends to boyfriends won't be easy...but then again, nothing worth having has ever come easy, and Dipper hopes he's prepared to deal with these things as they come.Straining his ears as he tried to make sense of this whole situation, he was finally - though only just barely - able to make out some of what the older boy was saying: Dipper went quiet, though he didn’t let Norman go.The medium wished his boyfriend would look at him so that he could figure out if he was saying the right things to him or not.

Without even really thinking about his actions, Norman reached for his boyfriend’s shoulder, gave it a tentative shake.

- he had actually been sleeping relatively well, or at least as well as he normally did.

Maybe even a little better than he normally did, considering that back in Blithe Hollow he didn’t have a boyfriend (god, would he Something in his mind clicked, and Norman sat up a little to notice Dipper’s features contorted in sleep, beads of sweat on his forehead, making his odd birthmark shimmer in the moonlight that trickled in through the attic window.

Following his boyfriend’s lead, Dipper lay down beside him. Because they were new and raw and even kind of scary sometimes, but at the same time, in the end, it was “Alright, alright.

“I haven’t really had any nightmares, not since I was a kid. “Every time I close my eyes I see your death again, and I just can’t do it, man. C’mere,” Dipper’s arm draped around Norman tightened as he pulled the younger boy closer to him, so that Norman could feel Dipper’s breath on his forehead. I’m glad you came back.”He propelled himself up with his non-injured leg and kissed the tip of Dipper’s upturned nose.

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