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You need to take a mental vacation and get yourself well before you can pursue a relationship with anyone.Seeking one now would only serve to further your delusions and cause you more harm than any good that might come from one.Social media played a role in my inevitable chastisement, even though my distaste for it was quite clear.She found coded message in every post and comment I would submit, and often took 2 2 to be 746372.I merely thought you were trying to be an adult and maintain a friendship, it wasn’t a signal of any type that I wanted a commitment from you. I’m telling you, that my invitation was that of a friend.I don’t even think talking about that right now should be part of the discussion.Though, I often wonder whether such tact is wise, with the failures of past enduring romantic relations directly in my purview.However, I would choose to be forever alone, than to share a lie.

You told me that you couldn’t have contact with me if there was no chance for us to be together, and yet you still communicate with me.Even so, it was not in my nature to go to such length, but I was soberly left with no alternative.Previous efforts to outline my missive were taken completely out of context or willfully ignored, as the mutual friend would surely confirm.I’ve remained good friends with many, a testament to my good taste and killer charm. This, however, comes with a price and my first foray into the dating pool since, ended in spectacular fashion; worthy of a mini-series, soap, or mild tsunami.After posting an innocent picture of a good friend along with me at the movies, it consumed my new girlfriend with disproportionate jealousy and perhaps the caption befitting my humor not wise…Yeah, probably not prudent, but I don’t think that’s something I’ll ever be accused.

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Talk to friends, go to parks, do some shopping and learn a new skill.

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