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This was not necessarily how the machine came to me.

Hello, I am deciding on purchasing an antique print of 'The Oaks Of Santa Paula' by Marion Wachtel. The print has a copyright with the date 1917 on the right bottom.This machine was made by the National / Eldredge sewing machine Company and was sold by them as a Rotary model A.Good Morning, Welcome to Just Answer, My name is Frank and I would be happy to assist you with your question. As far as I know this cabinet may not have been the original however it sure looks like it. Your early 20th century(1900-1920) Montgomery and Ward Damascus model Sewing machine with the original cabinet would have a retail value of between 100-125 dollars in excellent working condition.The catalogue raves: ‘Our Damascus Grand Rotary is the best machine you can buy.We mean by this that no matter how much you pay, or from what line your selection is made, you cannot get a better machine.’ The catalogue hastens to add, however; ‘Remember this statement must not in any sense be construed as having the slightest reflection upon the high quality of our Damascus Vibrating shuttle, because the latter, while practically a perfect work doer, is of a different type.’ The rest of the article is a hoot and quite interesting when you consider the difference between catalog descriptions from Montgomery Ward and modern advertising.

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