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He intended, he said, to specialise in "sea island cotton, beef and mutton". In 1963 his father sold the family merchanting business, C Tennant & Sons, to Consolidated Goldfields, and Colin suddenly inherited £1 million.

At first father and son were kept on as chairman and deputy chairman, but after his father's retirement in 1967 Colin was passed over for the job of chairman, so he resigned.

It was there that she went to find refuge during the break-up of her marriage in the early 1970s, often in the company of her friend Roddy Llewellyn.

Mustique was, she said, "the only place I can relax".

"It was the most wonderful song I had ever heard," she wrote.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base firefighters pull their hose to spray the area around the engine of an A-7D Corsair II jet fighter after it crashed near the University of Arizona on October 26, 1978.

Colin Tennant acquired Mustique in 1959 with money from the sale of a piece of land in Trinidad that had been acquired in the mid-19th century by another Charles Tennant, second son of the scientist, a youthful banner-carrier for the Chartists who became a successful businessman.

His one business mistake had been to sell off the Trinidad pitch lake, failing to foresee the coming of Tarmac; the remaining acres yielded grapefruit.

Legendary British rock guitarist Eric Clapton, left, exits Bethel Temple in Tucson with Pattie Boyd in Tucson on March 27, 1979, after the two were married.

In 1978 he sold 13 paintings by Lucian Freud from a substantial collection built up during the 1950s and 1960s, terminating a long-standing friendship.

Freud regarded the sale as a financially motivated act of personal betrayal. Muddles about service charges and a cavalier attitude to accounting led to rows with the island's management committee.

The island's popularity was assured when, during Princess Margaret's honeymoon visit to Mustique in 1960, Tennant gave her a piece of land as a wedding present.

Later he built her a Georgian-style colonial villa, Les Jolies Eaux.

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In the late 1970s, however, things began to go wrong.

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