Dating games for college students

Syllabus Speed Dating – Karen Eifler, an education professor at the University of Portland, designed this activity.

Two rows of chairs face each other (multiple rows of two can be used in larger classes).

Outlined below are a few novel activities for using that first day of class to emphasize the importance of learning and the responsibility students share for shaping the classroom environment.

Best and Worst Classes – I love this quick and easy activity.

I’ve known people who have found their significant other through dating apps, even though they’re on the same campus.

” Or, asked positively, “What are the five things faculty do that make it easy to learn?On one section of the blackboard I write: “The best class I’ve ever had” and underneath it “What the teacher did” and below that “What the students did.” On another section I write “The worst class I’ve ever had” (well, actually I write, “The class from hell”) and then the same two items beneath.I ask students to share their experiences, without naming the course, department or teacher, and I begin filling in the grid based on what they call out.Perhaps you go to a school where you’ve tried to find someone in in your classes, at a club meeting, or even at a party, but you just don’t want to take that next step with them. I personally didn’t find anyone on my campus but that doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be alone in college. Technology has allowed us to find someone we’re into simply by pressing a few buttons and taking a questionnaire or two.You can match with someone right down the street from you or even across the world.

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First Day Graffiti – This is an adaptation of an activity proposed by Barbara Goza in the in 1993.

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