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The Short Version: For dating coach Jay Cataldo, self-improvement begins in the mind.

After nearly 20 years studying human behavior, he’s mastered different ways to tap into people’s potential and inspire them to reach their goals.

“It doesn’t matter what their challenges are, if they get the right training for it, if they have someone in their corner who can help them figure out what’s inside their brain preventing them from getting that goal,” he said, “90% of the time, they’re going to get there.” In his business, Jay sees dozens of clients every week, and they all come from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

He has coached students, top executives, and everyone in between.

Instead of being defeated by his social anxiety, Jay hit the books.

To that end, he now runs a free course called “30 Days to Social Freedom,” in which he gives people short assignments and word-for-word scripts to get their confidence up in social settings.

A few years ago, a single Catholic woman felt lost in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

She was 33, a lawyer, and so driven that she found success in every area of her life — except in matters of the heart.

In the past, she’d shied away from online dating, but Jay encouraged her to put herself out there and see what happens.

She didn’t know it, but this was the beginning of a long-distance love story.

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