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​​Any records relating to communication between the governor's office and the federal government regarding the governor's request for federal assistance to fight wildfires.Specifically, records relating to the rejected request that the governor referenced in an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting on September 6, 2017.All correspondence of any kind, including any recording of any conversation between Fay Stetz-Waters and Governor Brown or any staff member of the Governor's office.​​Please provide copies of any and all letters received by Governor Kate Brown from Maurice Ziemer and/or Lucy Ziemer and/or Patrons of Westland Irrigation District since January 1, 2016, pertaining to the Westland Irrigation District and/or its operations. Please feel free to email me the forms and procedures or where I can find the forms.​​I am requesting all records showing the follow up action or lack of follow up action regarding my verbal complaint about the loss of ground water and over appropriation of alluvial groundwater in the Stage Gulch Critical groundwater area in Umatilla, County Oregon.I need all recorded documents showing follow up action or lack of follow up action to my verbal request to retract junior water rights in the Stage Gulch Critical groundwater area.If you choose to deny my request, please provide a written explanation for the denial including a reference to the specific statutory exemption(s) upon which you rely.

​​Access to and a copy of the most recent Oregon State Fair annual reports, which I understand are required by ORS 565.555 to be provided by the Oregon State Fair Council to the governor. Brown pertaining to Oregon marijuana policy: am seeking a PDF copy of Gov.

Specifically I am seeking the reports from 2015, 20.​​This is regarding a letter sent July 24 by U. Brown's response to Sessions, or information about when such a response would be issued if it hasn't been already. Cordially, Aleta Labak, Denver Post digital producer​​I am requesting the applications and any information available about the people applying for appointment to the vacated Crook County District Attorney position.

The sooner I can receive this, the better, and email is preferred if at all possible.

​Copy off all receipts, documentation, description of purchase, paperwork, and authorization pertaining to the specific transaction identified below, characterized by the specific Card Holder Name, Post Date, Trans Date, Description, and Charge Amount. This is also a request for fee waiver, should any fees be imposed, as this information bears on the public business of the local and state governments in Oregon and will be used to inform citizens of the actions of their public officials, of their rights and responsibilities, of news and current or passing events, and for articles of opinion or features of interest to the public.

| Sheril Arroyo, 4/18/17 post, 4/17/17 trans, SATCOM GLOBAL 215-541-1001 AZ, ,908 | This request is on behalf of American Transparency , a non-profit 501c3 organization and myself, Adam Andrzejewski, as a journalist and contributor at Forbes. The principal purpose of this request is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety, and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of gaining a personal or commercial benefit. Frontage Road, Suite 304 Burr Ridge, IL 60527​​1) All applications, cover letters, resumes, letters of recommendation and other supporting documents/emails related to applicants for the Oregon Supreme Court judicial seat opening in December 2017 and 2) Names and titles of all persons advising the governor on this judicial appointment.

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