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You can have these drinks, but be sure to brush afterward.Because braces put pressure on your teeth, you might feel uncomfortable once in a while, especially right after the orthodontist makes adjustments.To ensure each team is responsive to local needs they work closely with a ward panel, made up of people who live or work in the area, to assess local concerns and establish ward policing priorities.The panels meet regularly to consider the community's concerns, identify and prioritise local issues and monitor the progress made by the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in tackling them. Wembley Primary School is situated in the Preston Ward.Stay away from popcorn, hard and sticky candy, and especially gum.Sugary sodas and juices can cause a problem, too, because the sugar stays on your teeth and may cause tooth decay.If your upper jaw is bigger than your lower jaw, that's called an overbite.

Your dentist might notice one of these problems during a regular visit and recommend that you see an orthodontist (say: or-thoh-DAHN-tist).

You may need to wear a retainer, which is a small, hard piece of plastic with metal wires or a thin piece of plastic shaped like a mouthguard.

Retainers make sure your teeth don't go wandering back to their original places.

Everyone has to wear braces for different lengths of time, but most people usually wear braces for about 2 years.

You'll want to take special care of your teeth after the braces come off.

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