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As Earth began to take solid form, it had no free oxygen in its atmosphere.It was so hot that the water droplets in its atmosphere could not settle to form surface water or ice.Pangea formed some 225 million years ago and would evolve into the seven continents we know today.Free oxygen began to build up around the middle of the Proterozoic Period — around 1.8 billion years ago — and made way for the emergence of life as we know it today.

For the next 1.3 billion years (3.8 to 2.5 billion years ago), the Archean Period, first life began to appear and the world’s landmasses began to form.The continents began to form and stabilize, creating the supercontinent Rodinia about 1.2 billion years ago.Although Rodinia is composed of some of the same land fragments as the more popular supercontinent, Pangea, they are two different supercontinents.This period of Earth’s formation is referred to as the pre-Cambrian Period.The pre-Cambrian is divided into three parts: the Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic Periods.

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These gases were so poisonous, and the world was so hot, that nothing could survive.

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