Dating my former therapist

I sometimes believe (or just "want" to believe) that she "may" have a crush on me... But those are just my thoughts - which are fuzzy from all of these wonderful feelings. I can't imagine how "erotic tension" could be a helpful (much less necessary) element in therapy! So yeah, my crush over her is my dirty little secret, and whether she knows or not... Hopefully that day will never come, and if it does, hopefully I can just discreetly pinch my leg really hard :) I had to laugh hard reading this. Still, I got here because, well, I have just had an appointment and had some thoughts that I knew were counterproductive, so I Googled "crush on therapist". art ID=071001_crush_on_my_therapist Anyhow, I totally agree with just about all you said, especially the part about preferring her professional help than her booty.I am 45 and have been seeing a female therapist for about 5 months. Tough luck to them both for being so good at there jobs.“We really don’t talk very much about sex.” “You go see a shrink, and you don’t talk about sex? How you can you not end up talking about sex when you’re talking about your mother? Even if it’s only fifteen bucks, you’re still a very busy woman, and you have to travel to get to this appointment, make space in your life, make space in your head, and what you’re doing is sitting there, inventing this entirely constructed character, so that this guy who you otherwise do not know will think of you a certain way and offer you—what? That he’ll sign the piece of paper that you’re not nuts? He’s got to sign the paper that says I nuts, or else I can’t come back after twenty visits.” “Oh, that’s gorgeous. I can see that this whole therapy thing is doing you a lot of good already.” “Stop. I’m spitting out my coffee, and if I get it on my shirt I’ll have to change before I go to today’s session.” “Oh, because you can’t go in looking like a person, right?I bet you dress up, put on a little bit of makeup, choose your earrings carefully?I left that day feeling better, but I know there are still unresolved issues there for me because it's been over a year and I still think about him almost daily. I've sent small notes, cards to give updates (and our yearly holiday letter) and he's written back, letting me know that I can always write but we're not in the therapeutic relationship anymore, recommending books, etc...

The first termination went terribly, in my mind, because it just didn't feel right.

lol Fortunately, our sessions haven't gone to the sexual theme at all.

Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, I always "clear the pipes" on the days I have appointments, if you catch my drift. I sometimes fantasize she might have a crush too, but if she did, I am pretty sure she has the skills and associate support to deal with it.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that posted because the laughter I received from reading this was "very" therapeutic.

Your comments and input also put me at ease with my own crushlike experience with my therapist. Would do it over but would try to keep laughing to a minumum sometimes.

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I'm happily married, but part of my heart still belongs to him. For the sake of your marriage and sanity, I think you should just try to move on and forget him.

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