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But today, only a few big cities, such as Los Angeles and Miami, still have a thriving outdoor street market for sex.

New York has cleaned up Times Square, Chicago's South Loop has long since gentrified, and even San Francisco's infamous Tenderloin isn't what it used to be.

In addition, the online trade has helped bring the sex business indoors, with johns and prostitutes increasingly meeting up in bars, in hotels, in their own homes or in apartments rented by groups of sex workers.Last weekend, Craigslist, the popular provider of Internet classified advertising, halted publication of its "adult services" section.The move followed criticism from law enforcement officials across the country who have accused the site of facilitating prostitution on a massive scale.Abusive men can more easily rob or hurt a sex worker in a building than on the street, they say.And while cops may receive a call about an overheard disturbance, the vague report to 911 is usually not enough to pinpoint the correct apartment or hotel room.

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These women have little in common with the shrinking number of sex workers who still work on the streets.

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