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Graduates must demonstrate proficiency in aircraft systems operation, determination of aircraft performance parameters, navigation, communication, and airport operations.

MTSU trains in state-of-the-art aircraft with “glass” (computerized) flight decks and an innovative, scenario-based curriculum.

All flight labs will be conducted from the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport.

Admission to the University does not guarantee enrollment in a flight lab.

“That really drew me to aviation—the ability to travel so far in one day and still make it home for dinner!

Please see Additional Requirements section below academic requirements for details on flight training requirements for this program.The following General Education courses are required for this major: In addition to all academic requirements, this concentration requires students to obtain pilot certificates through flight training conducted at the MTSU Flight School.All required flight training must be conducted in a flight lab, in University-owned and maintained aircraft, and by flight instructors screened and trained for their positions by MTSU.That interest influenced his decision to pursue a graduate degree in Aerospace Education.On his days off from United, Byron is a part-time CRJ simulator instructor at the MTSU Flight School and loves helping prepare students for industry work.

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