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Third, nowhere in history is there a record that says Nero banished Christians.The only punishment known by Nero for Christians was death.Interestingly, Flavia Domitilla was banished by Domitian in AD 95.Dio and Eusebius record this event which serves as an independent corroboration to John’s banishment by Domitian (Hitchcock, “Domitianic Date of Revelation,” 197-221).While Nero definitely persecuted Christians in Rome, it does not appear that his persecution extended beyond that city.On the flip side, while the persecution under Domitian does not appear to be as strong as Nero, there is evidence from Pliny, Dio Cassius, Clement of Rome, Melito of Sardis, Hegesippus, Eusebius, and Tertullian that he persecuted Christians throughout the entire Roman Empire (instead of just the city of Rome as Nero did).

And many have tried to unlock the secret of the sacred artefact - a secret only a chosen few know contains profound and overwhelming ramifications for mankind.

Second, Nero did not exile people nearly as often as Domitian.

Domitian was known for banishing Christians while Nero was known for killing them.

The strongest evidence supports the AD 95 date under the reign of Domitian (this is often held by the “futurist” view).

However, the last one hundred years have seen a surge of support for the AD 65 date under the reign of Nero (this is the “preterist” or “partial preterist” view).

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