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A recent survey by Child Line asked under-16s who used dating sites and apps about their experiences.

You know, just things that are typically frowned upon in society.

Personally speaking, asking my date if they’ve killed anyone recently isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but of those lucky individuals that do ask and end up hearing “Yes, actually, I have,” 3% of men and 2% of women would simply smile and shrug, and 14% of males and 8% of females would be like “OK, cool,” after a convincing explanation. We repeat: 14% of you dudes would be totally cool with dating a murderer.

If a murderous significant other is a little too intense for your liking, you might be part of the greater majority of people who are totally okay with dating a pothead, because only 42% of males and 48% of females said the possession of marijuana was a deal breaker.

[to] see if any users are trying to engage in any illegal or inappropriate activity”.

But Claire Lilley, head of online safety at the NSPCC, said the children’s charity is “deeply disturbed that sexual predators could use teen dating apps and websites to target young people.

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