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I’m curious where you’re at with so-and-so and if you think there’s a chance we might be able to meet in the future?” I wouldn’t be aggressive – just make it clear you’d like to know where you stand.Since there’s no guarantee we’ll ever meet, I feel like it’s best for me to concentrate on meeting other people.If you’re ever free to date others in the future, please let me know!But, as long as communication with others continues to happen, I see little harm in sending each other occasional emails.As time goes by, pushing for a date might make sense…especially if you feel tired of waiting and just want to move on.When Patience is a Bad Idea Having said that, there are situations where patience is a bad idea.

Often this might be because of the situation I’ll discuss now: when someone you communicate with wants to communicate with you but won’t go on a date because they are going on dates with someone else already.However, I think it might be easier to push the person to recognize that in online dating, going on dates with multiple people isn’t infidelity.So I wouldn’t recommend saying, “Stop seeing that other person and see me instead”, but would instead recommend something like, “Keep dating that other person but meet me for a coffee”.If you start to find excuses to not meet other people or if you find yourself not giving other people a fair chance, I think holding out for that one person is a bad idea.You never know if they’ll come around and may end up missing a lot of great opportunities!

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However, if you feel you need to move on to give yourself opportunities for success with other people, this is the approach I would take.

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