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Appropriations of receipts and of a sum sufficient shall for the purposes of this section be regarded as equivalent to the amounts expended under such appropriations in the prior fiscal year which ended June 30.

All functions of said state agencies shall be continued in an efficient manner, but because of the uncertainties of the existing situation no public funds should be expended or obligations incurred unless there shall be adequate revenues to meet the expenditures therefor.

The legislative council staff shall prepare the fiscal estimate with respect to the provisions of any bill referred to the joint survey committee on retirement systems which create or modify any system for, or make any provision for, the retirement of or payment of pensions to public officers or employees.The state funding commitment shall be in the form of a grant to the city of La Crosse.Before approving any state funding commitment for the remodeling and expansion of the La Crosse Center, the building commission shall determine that the city of La Crosse has secured additional funding for the project of at least ,000,000 from nonstate revenue sources.(a) The legislature finds and determines that the improvement of the health and well-being of residents of all ages of this state and the promotion of community and economic development are statewide responsibilities of statewide dimension.The legislature further finds and determines that St.

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